That’s because the water on your skin is Ice bucket Suppliers

A motor Ice bucket Suppliers compressor squeezes the ammonia gas. Freon is the brand name of the gas.htm) How Stuff Works – Refrigerator (www. By compressing it, the CFC turns back into a liquid and heat is given off and is absorbed by the air around it.5 degrees Celsius). Remember the law of thermodynamics.

Old Refrigerators If you look at the back or bottom of an older refrigerator, you’ll see a long thin tube that loops back and When the liquid ammonia hits a low pressure area it boils and changes into a gas.

The pump then sucks the CFC as a vapor and forces it through thinner pipes which are on the outside of the refrigerator.eth. When it is compressed, a gas heats up as it is pressurized.In the summertime, have you ever gotten out of a swimming pool and then felt very cold standing in the sun?

That’s because the water on your skin is evaporating. Today’s refrigerators, however, are very energy efficient. There are places, like around the doors and where the pipes go through, that can leak a little bit. This is a law of physics called the Second Law of Thermodynamics. But the refrigerator is not completely sealed.

The compressor sucks up the cold ammonia gas, and the gas goes back through the same process over and So, less heat is soaked up by the coils and the CFC vapor. The ammonia liquid flows through what’s called an expansion valve, a tiny small hole that the liquid has to squeeze through.

When you pass the compressed gas through the coils on the back or bottom of a modern refrigerator, the hot ammonia gas can lose its heat to the air in the room.

This gas was found to hurt the environment if it leaks from This is called vaporizing. So now, other chemicals are used in a slightly different process (see next section below).